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AQUA Vapes 60ml

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AQUA Vapes 60ml

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AQUA Vapes 60ml


Blue Razz: a blue raspberry that’s sweet and tart

Flow: pineapple, guava & mango

Mist: green apple, peach & kiwi

Oasis: peach, cantaloupe & papaya

Pure: strawberry, apple & watermelon



Flow Ice: pineapple, guava & mango menthol

Mist Ice: green apple, peach & kiwi menthol

Oasis Ice: peach, cantaloupe & papaya menthol

Pure Ice: strawberry, apple & watermelon menthol



Momentum: mouthwatering tropical mango flavor

Rainbow Drops: sweet & tangy candy reminiscent of rainbow skittles

Sour Melons: sweet and sour watermelon candy



Cyclone: sweet crunchy cereals in a cold bowl of fresh creamy milk

Lush: creamy, sweet and tart lemon bar

Surge: fresh and creamy strawberry smoothie

Vortex: honey-touched graham crackers dipped in fresh vanilla custard


60ml Gorilla Bottles


AQUA Vapes 60ml are available at both of our COMO VAPOR locations:

601 Business Loop 70 West (suite 202) Columbia, MO 65203


805 East Nifong Blvd (suite C) Columbia, MO 65201


Call COMO VAPOR at 573-228-9936 to check availability or discuss options.

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